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Uniquely focused on providing legal representation in the field of Securities and related practice areas, Malecki Law is a seasoned firm at the cutting-edge of Securities industry law. Our Securities lawyers have the right experience to navigate through the intricacies of the highly specialized Securities field. Having an extensive background working on both sides of the fence- with Securities industry professionals and investors – we have a keen understanding of the complexities of securities arbitration, mediation, regulation and litigation. Because the team represents both plaintiffs and claimants in civil matters and defendants and respondents in administrative and regulatory matters, we are familiar with all of the relevant legal arguments.

Ms. Malecki, the founder of Malecki Law, has a unique and well-balanced background as a securities arbitration and regulation attorney, an employment and whistleblower lawyer, FINRA arbitrator and chairperson, commercial litigator, expert witness and trained mediator that has proven critical to her success in reaching favorable results for her clients.

The Malecki law team has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in Securities industry settlements and awards for investors and securities industry professionals.

We handle investor arbitration and mediation cases; FINRA, SEC, state and internal regulatory investigations and audits; commercial litigation; securities employment and intra-industry disputes; regulatory and self-regulatory subpoena hearings; representation for Dodd-Frank whistleblowers; and provide expert witness and mediation services—for both national and international clients. Our clients include individual and institutional investors, from retirees and elderly widows to Fortune 500 entrepreneurs. We also represent securities industry employees in SEC, FINRA and employer investigations and disputes. Both investors and large securities industry whistleblowers and subpoenaed witnesses have been represented by us at the SEC, DOJ, FINRA, and D.A.’s office.

A Reputation for Excellence

The Malecki law team champions their clients’ rights against major entities that want to control the story and the markets. This is especially important to remember in any litigated setting or when faced with SEC and FINRA investigations, and you are in need of a counsel to help you truthfully deal with regulators and protect your rights. Malecki Law’s Manhattan whistleblower attorneys have represented a number of Dodd-Frank whistleblowers who tipped off the SEC with original information leading to and assisting large, currently active SEC investigations. This representation includes assistance in helping whistleblowers testify before Congress and in numerous regulatory, self-regulatory, litigated and arbitrated proceedings, both as litigants and witnesses. Our Dodd-Frank Act lawyers remain at the cutting-edge of legislation affecting the financial industry and have a firm understanding of the sweeping financial reforms expected to provide whistleblowers with false claims and whistleblower litigation.

We have zealously represented hundreds of individual investors, including the elderly, who have been defrauded out of their life’s savings. The investment fraud attorneys of Malecki Law have been instrumental in securing large securities industry settlements on behalf of these investor clients. We also combine industry knowledge of securities law and employment litigation to provide first-tier representation for defendants and plaintiffs in securities industry employment and license issues, often involving CRD Form U-4/U-5, and regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings before the SEC and FINRA.

On multiple occasions, we have managed to secure expungement of employee record and counterclaim awards and attorney’s fees for employees against leading investment firms.

Malecki Law attorneys are consummate professionals, hard-working, trustworthy, and very accessible to our clients. We understand that our clients need someone who will be aggressive with their adversary but really listens to them-- their choices and decisions. We treat each individual case uniquely by understanding their client’s unique personal circumstance and helping them achieve their desired outcome-- within agreed budgets, strategies and other parameters. The initial consultation and case evaluation is always free. They provide personalized services, after spending time listening to our clients’ needs confidentially and provide them with the information that they need to move forward.

Located in the financial district of New York City, our Manhattan-based securities fraud lawyers practice throughout the nation as well as internationally, frequently serving clients in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C., as needed and with local counsel through pro hac vice admission. We are committed to delivering effective and efficient services of the highest quality to all our clients. Our client testimonials and peer ratings exemplify the high level of service and dedication that our firm invests towards each and every case.

  • Ms. Malecki is the consummate professional. Her understanding of the legal issues and court tactics are nothing less than outstanding. She always promptly responded to any concerns I had and took the time to explain complicated legal issues.
  • Without going into an hour description of my situation, I am my Dad's POA and have been looking after his investment account since 2003. My Dad has had this account for many years before that. A few years ago I ran into some problems with the firm we will call firm X. I had proof their claims may be incorrect but they would not listen and did not care what I had to say.
  • Jenice Malecki, Bob Van De Veire and Adam Nicolazzo did an excellent job on the meditation they handled for me and a group of investors. They were thorough, well-prepared, and knew exactly how to pitch our case.
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