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Mission & Vision

Malecki Law will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019. After eight years working with securities industry law firms, Jenice Malecki started Malecki Law with a vision that the securities laws and rules can be used to help both investors and industry professionals. Working in mandatory securities arbitration from its beginning, on class action securities fraud court cases, in SEC and FINRA enforcement matters, and as a member of FINRA’s National Arbitration and Mediation Committee advising FINRA’s Board of Directors, Ms. Malecki has helped define and create the securities laws as they exist today. There is always more work to do.

Malecki Law has always been sharply focused on securities law and commercial litigation. We zealously represent both investors and employees in securities disputes, whistleblowing, regulatory and self-regulatory matters, and commercial litigation. Today, we continue to fight for the rights of our clients against major entities that want to control the story and the markets to the detriment of both investors and registered professionals. We are not about to let that happen.

At Malecki Law, we have succeeded in obtaining multi-million dollar settlements in FINRA arbitrations, litigations, business and employment disputes, tax shelter fraud cases, and Ponzi scheme cases. In the last few years alone, we have represented high profile investors, industry professionals, securities industry whistleblowers and subpoenaed witnesses in prominent securities industry cases before the SEC, Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s office, FINRA, and the New York D.A.’s office.

Our successes at the SEC, FINRA and in the court system are well documented. Our dedication to our clients and success on their cases have led to our attorneys being regularly recognized for professional excellence. We have several eminent ratings for high ethical standards and have been named Top Attorneys for consecutive years. Above all, we help clients truthfully and skillfully deal with regulators and the judicial system, which is why we enjoy a prestigious and formidable reputation, nationally and internationally, amongst our clients, adversaries, peers, and securities industry regulators.

We believe in listening to our client’s choices and decisions after offering them counsel and laying out alternatives. Our job is to get our clients options to either resolve their dispute or find the best path to achieve a winning result before a finder of fact. This philosophy has been embraced by each of our attorneys, who endeavor to understand each client’s unique personal circumstance. As a result, you get a very personalized experience at Malecki Law, where we strive to earn and maintain your trust and confidence in us. We leave no stone unturned in your case; your future is our business.

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Client Reviews
I worked with Jenice and her team to successfully resolve a brokerage / securities related issue for an elder relative and was quite pleased with how they walked us through the process and took into account the challenges that age sometimes unfortunately present. They were all professional - and effective. I would use them again without question if the need arose. Bart
Jenice is truly a rock star! My wife and I contacted her to help with a quick-turn-around closing on our apartment. Fast, friendly, and fabulously informed about the process and what we'd need to stay on track to close on time, Jenice never skipped a beat. She's a dedicated attorney that goes above and beyond for her clients. Honestly, what more could you ask for? Jerry Dugan
Bob was a pleasure to work with. My case was unusually long and they handled every step of the way well and kept me constantly informed of all updates. The outcome was successful thanks to Malecki Law's great customer care and knowledge/experience. Flavia V.