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Press Releases

Press releases are a critical part of conveying information to potential clients, investors, and other stakeholders. It is also important when a case is being filed or was already filed and is embroiled in discovery battles with our adversaries. To insure that we get all the documents and information that we need, a press release can also ferret out witnesses, information and others in similar situations – all of which help Malecki Law strongly prosecute your case. The role, importance, and use of press releases, during this electronic age, is indisputable as the opportunities for publishing information online and obtaining useful information is proliferating.

There is a variety of important information encased within published press releases. Noteworthy cases, verdicts, opinions on proposed laws, legal honors, certain recognition awards, lawsuits being filed with policy implications or in line with current events, certifications, new attorneys, firm mergers, seminars can all be appropriate press release topics. Press releases serve as a platform for a progressive relationship with an online audience as well as keep firm information generally up to date in the public eye. Through illuminating, factual information, press releases can give individuals an idea about major case announcements as well so long as it abides with confidentiality terms and conditions.

Press releases also can reach every corner of the globe. It is a method to hold those who have failed to live up to their duties accountable. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, meaning that shining the light on injustice is often the best way to correct policies and practices that harm everyone.

Malecki Law has various press releases available for individuals to explore which assists in understanding the legal field Malecki Law is immersed in as well as the legal team and their versatile and extraordinary roles outside of the firm. The press releases truly demonstrate that any individual can be exposed to fraud and losses. Fraud can severely impact individuals through various walks of life and strain their financial security. Malecki Law has worked to support client needs, strive for favorable results, and further advance relevant growth in the field for over two decades. Malecki Law has served whistleblowers, industry professionals, Fortune 500 companies as well as everyday citizens that want justice as is evident below. If you have been a victim of schemes, affinity fraud as well as unethical broker conduct, call us at calling 212-943-1233 or emailing

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Malecki Law Filed an Amended Claim Against Securities America, Inc. with Additional Defrauded Victims of Former Registered Representative Hector May's Alleged Ponzi Scheme
August 03, 2018

Malecki Law Announces the Filing of an Expedited Group FINRA Arbitration Against Securities America, Inc. for NINE Defrauded Investors Claiming Failure to Supervise Alleged Ponzi Schemer Hector May
June 15, 2018

Jenice Malecki Will Be A Panelist At An Upcoming Unique National Investor Town Hall Meeting
October 24, 2016

New York's Top Securities Law Firm Files Statements of Claim for Seniors Against Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial
September 19, 2016

Malecki Law Announces Filing Of Another FINRA Arbitration Claim Against UBS Puerto Rico On Behalf Of A Group Of Seven Former Brokers
July 24, 2015

Robert M. Van De Veire Appointed As Co-Chair of Securities & Exchange Committee at NYCLA
July 24, 2015

Jenice Malecki Appointed to FINRA’s National Arbitration Mediation Committee (NAMC)
July 15, 2015

Malecki Law Announces Filing of a Civil Complaint with FINRA Against MetLife Securities, Inc. in Connection with Alleged Ponzi Schemer Robert H. Van Zandt
December 6, 2011

Malecki Law Announces Filing of a Defamation Complaint Against Moody's and CEO Raymond McDaniel for Alleged False Statements it Made to Discredit a Whistleblower Who Testified Before Congress, Former Moody's Analyst Eric Kolchinsky
September 13, 2010

Malecki Law Announces Filing of Sarbanes-Oxley Complaint with Department of Labor for Alleged Attempts at Wachovia to Influence Fixed Income Research Analyst Arturo Cifuentes
July 6, 2005

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Client Reviews
Jenice Malecki is a highly successful securities law attorney. She is a brilliant strategist. She is a well respected litigator who knows how to win in court. As a former CEO and President of a public company traded on the NASDAQ (and currently a College President), I can attest, as a client, that Jenice Malecki's understanding of the law along with her business acumen and intellectual gravitas resulted in a 100% victory in my case before the Supreme Court of New York State. Jenice is a passionate and determined lawyer -- I want her in my corner -- anytime!​ Dr. John J. McGrath
I worked with Jenice and her team to successfully resolve a brokerage / securities related issue for an elder relative and was quite pleased with how they walked us through the process and took into account the challenges that age sometimes unfortunately present. They were all professional - and effective. I would use them again without question if the need arose. Bart
I have NO hesitation in recommending Jenice Malecki. She made a horrible situation bearable and performed above and beyond our expectations. April Voorhis
I highly recommend Malecki Law. It was a gratifying experience having Ms. Malecki incharge of our case. She is a true professional with a lot of experience. Jose Zorrilla